The place where good ideas percolate

October 23, 2017

The place where good ideas percolate

This is the place most of my good ideas percolate... my happy place on The Caddo River in Arkansas.

This morning I decided to take a walk with our dogs (& my cup of strong, black coffee) to hunt for crystals. Very quickly I was distracted by the breathtaking fall mosses that covered the ground, making the forest floor seem like the ocean floor. Various wild, edible nuts and acorns scatter about abundantly in front of me, like a spilled marble jar of vibrant treasures. (Not before I found a very nice crystal though. See pics below.)

Everything I see here blooms into a painting concept in my mind.

In fall acorns and wild nuts are profuse in the beautiful Ouachita forest. They are a wonderful source of carbohydrate and fat for the foraging critters. Hunters either hate or love this. (The hunters that lean heavy on food plots have to actually hunt. ;) I LOVE this because everything I see here blooms into a painting concept in my mind, whether I decide to paint the thing or not.

good ideas percolate here...


Kind of off-topic, but personally relevant ... and inspired by theOuachita National Forest range's wild beauty.. I've considered an "inspired" illustrative book (with no words) for many years; something beautiful, ethereal and slightly whimsical. (David Weisner writes just such books such as "Free Fall" and "Flotsam.") Take a peek here at some of his gorgeous stuff: FLOTSAM

I really love the idea that the reader is invited to envision their own story line, while wondering what's really going on here with these images? Good stuff! Please send good energy toward the project. More about this project soon.  

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