Latte Mug - Chew-noiserie Blue Dog with Chinoiserie 2

Chew-noiserie - A vibrant watercolor blue-toned dog sits solemnly in the center, of a luminous and enchanting chinoiserie style sunroom. Wearing a decorative collar, with eyes that exhibit a quiet, attentive demeanor. Behind and around it, colorful blue and whitevases are adorned with intricate patterns with additional colors such as orange and pink, and brimming with vibrant pink flowers and lush green leaves. This imaginative artwork would be lovely in any room. A true coffee lover knows that each variety of the aromatic drink deserves a special cup. These custom latte mugs come with high quality sublimation printing and make the perfect gift for any latte enthusiast. All our custom latte mugs feature stylish rounded corners, can accommodate 12 oz of delicious latte coffee and come with a comfy C-style handle for effortless sipping. 


.: Custom latte mugs, 12oz (0.35 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-Handle
.: All custom latte mugs are made 100% white ceramic

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