About The Artist

I paint things that intrigue me...  

Hello there. My name is Kimberly Potts, the artist behind JOIE Gallery. Welcome to my ethereal and whimsical boutique. The driving force of my thought process and inspiration is “exquisite fragility,” and our antipathy or nature to succumb to it.   

Peccadillo is beautiful to me and lends to my artistic style:  An over-abundance of freckles,  wild and tangled hair, little spaces between teeth, insecure and slightly gawkish posture only found in the innocent or insecure.

I love to take my viewers on a visual adventure.  I encourage you to make up your own mind about what's going on in my pieces.  I do not dwell upon the details; instead, I prefer to imply the details. Artwork that plays dark shadows against light areas are my favorite.  I try to achieve this effect within every piece that I create.  If done correctly, I believe that this where your imagination begins to play.  My goal is to create artwork that will raise questions in the mind of my viewer such as... such beautywhat's hiding in here?


"Tea in the Garden of Alnwick" by Kimberly Potts

So great to see you!

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