About The Collective

HELLO!  My name is Kimberly Potts.  I am the owner and founder of Joie Gallery and A.l.c.h.e.m.y Collective, two combined art galleries featuring my own work in addition to vibrant new new artworks and digital remasters of long forgotten pieces from small-production master artists such as Paula Modersohn-Becker, Elma Roach, Clementine Hunter, Giovanna Garzoni, Maurice Prendergast, Frederic Bazille...The idea for the collective came about during the 18 months after annoucing the goal to collaborate with various complementary artists.  Very soon after expressing my intention, an "enlightening" began to entertwine with my vision for the collective.  During my quest to build the collective, the word Alchemy repeatedly kept coming to mind.  

A.l.c.h.e.m.y Collective (Artistic & Lovely Creations Harmonizing Emotion, Mystery & Yearning)

Through our partnerships, various licensing agreements and LOADS of creativity, we are honored to announce that a vibrant and compelling variety of artisans will be joining the Joie Gallery A.l.c.h.e.m.y collaboration starting in 2023 and going forward.  We will be adding exciting new pieces frequently, with a focus and determination of bringing lesser-known artworks forward for your delight and appreciation - and opportunity for purchase.  Please sign up for our newsletter to hear more about our exciting progress as the collective evolves.

My artistic statement

I paint things that intrigue me.  The driving force behind my personal artistic thought process, and inspiration, is “exquisite fragility” and our antipathy or nature to succumb to it.  Quirks and peccadillo are intriguing to me and lend to my artistic style:  An over-abundance of freckles,  wild and tangled hair, little spaces between teeth, insecure and slightly gawkish posture only found in the innocent or insecure.

I love to take my viewers on a visual adventure.  I encourage you to make up your own mind about what's going on in my pieces.  I do not dwell upon the details; instead, I prefer to imply the details. Artwork that plays dark shadows against light areas are my favorite.  I try to achieve this effect within every piece that I create.  If done correctly, I believe that this where your imagination begins to play.  My goal is to create artwork that will raise questions in the mind of my viewer such as... How intriguing.  What's hiding in here?



"Tea in the Garden of Alnwick" by Kimberly Potts